electric powered airplane in denver

Denver Editorial Photography of Electric-Powered Airplane

South of downtown Denver in Centennial is a company called Bye Aerospace who have been working for the last several years to create an all-electric powered engine for aircraft. They have one complete and functional and currently installed in a small plane. AOPA Pilot Magazine reached out to me to go out and create editorial […]

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editorial photography of sleep researcher

Editorial Magazine Photography of Denver Doctor

Denver’s own Jack Edigner, PhD, is being honored for his service discerning insomnia’s nature, classification, and management. So Sleep Review,  the journal of sleep specialists hired me last week to create editorial photography and an editorial portrait of the researcher for their magazine. Dr. Edinger works out of National Jewish Health, located off Colorado Blvd […]

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denver headshot pulte group

Denver Headshots for Home Loan Group

Last week Pulte Mortgage had a big company-wide meeting at their Denver office this month. This is always a great time to get headshot photography done for your corporate team. For businesses that have multiple offices scattered around the country (or world) it can be a challenge getting headshots of company staff that are consistent across […]

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Professional business headshot portrait fear

Dealing with Fear in Headshot Photo Sessions

Fear. That’s the number one emotion I encounter in my professional headshot sessions. No surprise then that the first photo I take of a client often resembles a deer frozen in front of oncoming headlights. The below image is taken from a recent business headshot photoshoot session. This is my first shot from my session […]

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denver teacher with two jobs

Editorial Photography for the National Education Association

The National Education Association publishes a quarterly magazine for members called “NEA Today.” The magazine features stories and issues of interest to educators. One of those issues prominent today is the low pay many teachers earn. Many teachers have to take second and third jobs on top of their full-time job as teachers just to […]

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commercial photography for solar home window

Commercial Photography for Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

This month Denver hosted for the first time the Department of Energy’s biennial Solar Decathlon event. The took over a large plot land near Denver’s airport (where there are a lot of large plots of land!) and staged perhaps 20 different houses powered entirely by solar. The houses were designed by collegiate teams from colleges […]

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rich harrison portrait photo landscape contractor

Portrait Photography for Landscape Contractor

My girlfriend is an avid paddelboarder, both for whitewater surfing and flatwater lakes. One prominent figure in the Denver paddelboarder community is Rich Harrison. Rich has a look you’d expect to find more in southern California than Denver. But he brings a little bit of that SoCal culture to Denver. When Rich isn’t busy paddelboarding […]

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Corporate Headshots in Denver for The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy held an annual meeting in Denver last month. They rented a space on the University of Colorado’s Denver campus downtown. Since they were gong to have staffers from Nature Conservancy offices scattered across the country all in one place, my contact, Rocco,  thought it would be a perfect time to get new […]

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Denver headshot with a double chin

How to Remove Double Chins in Your Headshot Photos

Care to guess the single most often asked question I get asked from my clients during my headshot sessions? “Can you make me look thinner?” Actually, yes, that is the number one question. But that’s another article. Ok, what is the second most often asked question? “Can you do something about my double chin?” That’s […]

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Photography gallery website plugin

NextGen Slideshow Photography Gallery May Be Hurting Your SEO

I had an earlier career as a graphic designer and layout artist for newspapers, books, and print and web materials. Now I have a career as a Denver photographer and when it comes to my photography website you can bet look and presentation are important to me. Like it or not, people do judge a book by […]

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google photography search site

Taking Action Against Google’s Practice of Scrapping Photographs

This week I was contacted by Getty Images, an organization with which I have conducted business, to sign a petition letter being filed by Getty to the U.S. Senate Antitrust Sub-Committee that has oversight of competition law in the United States. Getty has filed a competition law complaint against Google. I wholeheartedly added my signature […]

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Corporate Event Photography for Agile for All

Each summer Denver-based Agile for All hosts a training seminar in Beaver Creek. They offering coaching services to businesses and corporations to help them improve organizational structure and culture. Agile for All conferences are unique in that participants spend a lot time on their feet and moving, which contrasts with most conferences where attendees spend […]

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Denver corporate headshot with brick wall backdrop

Why Photography Headshots Horizontally Instead of Vertically?

For as long as headshots have been a thing they have traditionally been shot with a vertical frame. For the first headshot session I ever did I, too, shot them vertically because I thought that was just the way you did it. Heck, what did I know? But something bugged me about them. They felt odd […]

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nelson cruz signs autograph

Self Assignment – Editorial Photography of Spring Training Baseball

When I was five years old, my parents signed me up for baseball and soccer. I loved both, but I was much more of a natural at soccer than baseball. So it didn’t take long before I hung up my baseball cleats to focus all my attention on soccer. Almost 40 years later, I still […]

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Colorado governor John Hickenlooper

Gov. Hickenlooper Speaks During Event At Denver Convention Center

Co-Case, the Colorado Association of School Execs, held their most recent biannual meeting in Westminster, Colorado, just outside of Denver. I first worked with Co-Case last year. They loved my work from that event so hired me back to produce more event photography for them. John Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado, was one of the featured speakers. He told […]

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MillerCoors photo spread

MillerCoors Portrait Photography

This past spring I contracted with Whelan Security to produce portrait photographs of their employees at the MillerCoors brewery plant in Golden, which is outside Denver, Colorado. They produce an annual magazine that highlights the company’s security contributions to organizations all over the country. MillerCoors is on of their clients. I just received their magazine this […]

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