Commercial Photography for HVAC Systems Downtown Denver

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Last month I wrote about my experience creating commercial photography of HVAC and plumbing mechanical systems for Denver company Colorado Mechanical Systems. This month they sent me out with three new assignments.

The first was a building located just off Highway 6 near downtown Denver. There CMS is building out the HVAC systems and they wanted commercial photography of the tubes/cylinders and other structures.


hvac piping against a black ceiling

hvac blowers against a black ceiling

hvac system in lighting store

hvac box against a black ceiling

hvac system with carved out lighting

hvac blowers in lighting store

hvac blowers lined up in a row

Shooting in this building was a joy. The black painted ceiling worked fantastic for my purposes. It really helped set apart the HVAC components. I’ve never had a photoshoot where I shot nothing but the ceiling, but there is a first time for everything, right?

I used an ultra wide angle lens primarily to create dynamic angles. And I used one light that I set up in different spots. I took several exposures and composited the images together to paint in the light where I wanted it in the image. This helped me further “carve out” the structures from the ceiling and background.

I had a lot of fun shooting this!


plumbing units on rooftop

hvac system structures on roof with Denver skyline

hvac system structures

Next I went up to the roof to get the intake and cooling fans installed there. I found a fantastic angle with the Denver skyline in the background. I knew my client would love this shot because their company logo used the Colorado flag and their website has Denver skyline photography on it. They are all about showing off they are from Denver!


utility closet at fire station

utility closet at fire station

hvac system at fire station

Next I was sent to a new fire station east of Northglenn, a suburb north of downtown Denver. Here they had me create commercial photography of the structures in the utility closet. I set up two lights for this to create edge light on the piping. You can actually see one of my lights in between the two silver pipes on the top photo. It looks just like one of the house lights so blends in unnoticed.


hvac system on rooftop of high school near Denver

hvac system on rooftop of high school near Denver with dark blue sky

My final stop was a high school on Green Mountain west of downtown Denver. Here CMS had installed their HVAC system and currently maintained it. There were several of these units located on the roof. So I found one where I could place the sun behind it just so to create a flare peaking out from behind it. The top photo was created with two different exposures. We couldn’t control when the fan would come on and my client was keen on a ┬ácommercial photo that would show the vents open. So I asked my contact at this location to hold the vent flaps open. Then I took another exposure with him out of frame. In Photoshop, I then was able to paint out my contact like he was never there!


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