Commercial Photography of Fabrication Shop for Colorado Mechanical Services

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

A couple weeks ago I created commercial photography of HVAC and plumbing installations for CMS of current and completed job sites. This week they asked me if I could do something similar of their own fabrication shop. I’ve shot a lot of headshot sessions over the last few years for CMS. They have a large conference room where I set up for that in the office area of their building. So I’ve never seen the back, until this week.

In the back they have a large space where they manufacture a lot of the materials they use for their HVAC and plumbing installations. This included a lot of heavy machinery and, of course, builders. My client wanted shots with and without the workers. Below are some of my favorite from the commercial shoot.


two men bang metal with hammers

For the first part of the shoot I moved around three lights to light each scene I had on my shot list. Here I have a light each to the left and right of camera and a third lighting the background.


three men shape sheet metal with large machinery

a man in red shirt adjusts a setting on a metal fabrication machine

a man uses machinery to bend sheet metal

Once I got everything on their shot list using lights, I put them away. I like to work with lights as much as possible, but the shop couldn’t shut down just for me. The workers had a who had a job to get done and I had disrupted them long enough with my lighting gear. However, I still wanted to give my client some more options to choose from. So after putting my lights away I went around the shop with just my camera and using existing shop light to see what other interesting commercial photo shots I could grab.


a man with googles monitors a mechine cutting sheet metal in a precise shape

Sparks are always cool!


a man hold sheet metal which reflects light back into his face

In some photos, like the above, I took advantage of the metal’s natural reflective nature and worked to get some shots where the metal helped me out with bounced light.


a man in a plaid shirt bends sheet metal with fabrication machinery

a man welds two pieces of metal together

I’ve shot welding now a few times. It’s just as dangerous looking at welding through a lens as it is with your bare eyes. So for welding, I set up my shot and just before the welding starts, I stay frozen in position, close my eyes, and snap off a series of frames. I used a tungsten white balance for this shot to bring out the blue of the welding light. That creates a nice contrast between it and the warm-colored sparks.


close up of welding tip

a man in red shirt sodders metal

close up of a rivet machine at work

a man spray clean sheet metal

large view of HVAC fabrication shop


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