Corporate Event Photography for BLR

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

BLR is an information technology company that helps businesses to learn and succeed with its compliance obligations. They were in Denver this week to hold their Safety Culture Conference, which is the country’s top occupational safety management and engagement event.

During the annual conference they hand out severals awards to people who have exemplified extraordinary practices with compliance. They hired me to come provide event photography with most of the focus on the handing out of those awards. But I also shot several images of their speakers as well as attendees engaging with the seminars and with each other. Below are a few of my favorite photographs from the event.


clear glass awards sitting on a table at a hotel

a woman presents a middle-aged man with an award at a Denver corporate event for BLR

A speaker puts safety glasses in his mouth during an event in Denver for BLR

Three attendees to a Denver BLR corporate event share a laugh

A speaker with blond hair raises her hand during a talk at an event

A room of people at a Denver hotel listen to a speaker at a conference

A man in a plaid shirt smiles while listening to a speaker at a Denver corporate event

A woman with red hair and white coat smiles while listening to a man talk at a conference

Two black people share a laugh during an event in Denver

a woman with brown hair peaks over the shoulder of a man in front of her

A speaker at a Denver conference for workplace safety raises his hand to his ear

two red-haired women laugh together during a conference in Denver for workplace safety

two men listen with curious interest to a speaker at a denver conference for workplace safety

An excited speaker at an event for workplace safety

A black woman addresses an audience at a corporate event in a Denver hotel

A man write notes down during a corporate event

a man smiles with a big grin during a corporate event conference

two men pose for a photo while holding an award

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