Corporate Headshot Photography for Air Methods

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Air Methods provides emergency medical transport for patients via helicopter. They are based in Denver. They had a company-wide meeting last week and called me to create headshots of their staff while they were all in one place.

Getting headshots done of your staff all at once is a good way to a consistent look among all staff headshots. Many companies’ staff pages on their websites are filled with headshots of all different styles. This tends to happen for businesses that have multiple offices who hire different photographers, or when new staff comes on and they are asked to supply their own headshot.

As I update this post a few months later, I see now some of the headshot photos I created are here on their leadership page.

However, they have two headshots on there that I didn’t create and they look different than my style. They also have two blank areas for staff who do not have headshots. I work with several companies locally in Denver who call me back regularly to create headshots of new staff. If you hire a photographer to create headshots of your staff and you are happy with the results, it’s a good idea to keep working with that headshot photographer so you can keep a consistent look among your headshots. This reflects on your business as a whole. Consistency shows that your company pays attention to details and is well-organized.

The headshot photos I created are below. As seems to happen with all my headshot shoot, I learn things that I like to be able to pass on to future clients. For example, one of the women was not reminded the day before about her headshot session the next day and so arrived wearing a casual plaid shirt. People have busy lives in and out of work and a headshot session a colleague signed them up for is probably not a priority. So it’s always good to remind your staff the day before so they come dressed properly.

Another woman came in with a lot of makeup on her face. I noticed later that the color of the makeup did not match her skin tone. I suspect this was on purpose because the makeup color was warmer than her skin tone. Some people like to “warm up” or give their skin some color and use the help of makeup to do that. The problem is that it is not always applied evenly and a camera picks up everything (it’s not I’m able to recognize during the headshot session). This can cause issues with getting even lighting across the face and lead to blotches. So, when in doubt, I recommend less makeup, not more. And always best to go with a color that matches your skin tone for best results.


evp man with silver hair and blue shirt smiling in headshot

man wearing blue striped shirt and red beard in headshot

man with dark rimmed glasses in headshot

woman with short blonde hair in headshot

man with maroon tie in headshot

man with black polo shirt in headshot

woman with blue shirt and brown hair in headshot

man with blue shirt and red tie in headshot

man with plaid shirt in headshot

pale-skinned woman with blonde hair in headshot

young man with big smile in headshot

woman with plaid shirt in headshot

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