Corporate Headshots of Board Members for Credit Union in Arvada

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Back in October I was asked by Denver’s Partners in Colorado Credit Union to come do headshots¬†of their executive staff. I got another call from them just after the new year to return for two more sessions this month and last month to capture headshots of their board members.

Previous headshots of the Partners in Colorado Credit Union board members hang in the hall outside the room where I set up my portable headshot photography studio. They appear to fairly old and have a bit of an out-dated look. So I was happy to get the call and be the one who got to update those photos for them.

I set up my my usual place in their large conference room. The room is located on the interior of their building, so no windows exist to spill in light that I have to control, which helps make my job easier! There is also a lot of space around their conference table, which is enough for my setup. Most of the time I am put in conference rooms where the table takes up the entire room and I have to spend a lot of time negotiating the table.

Their board members are mostly older, which is often the case. One gentleman had an oxygen tank. Another had a cane. These are all things I have take into consideration. I like to go as long as need be during a headshot session with each person until we get it right. But that isn’t always the priority. So for people who have short staminas, such as the gentleman with a cane, I know I have a limited time to work with him until he starts to get fatigued and uncomfortable. So I do my best to get results quickly.

executive woman in blue collared shirt

woman with blonde hair and periwinkle colored blazer

blond haired woman in black blazer posed for headshot

brown hair woman with black blazer

middle aged man with blond hair and a suit with glasses

headshot of credit union board member with white beard and arched eyebrow

headshot of credit union board member with dreads

headshot of credit union board member with tan tie and white mustache

headshot of credit union board member with dark rimmed glasses

headshot of credit union board member with open collar shirt and dark jacket

headshot of credit union young woman board member with brown hair

headshot of credit union board member with dark t-shirt and white beard

headshot of elderly credit union board member


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