Commercial Photography for Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

This month Denver hosted for the first time the Department of Energy’s biennial Solar Decathlon event. The took over a large plot land near Denver’s airport (where there are a lot of large plots of land!) and staged perhaps 20 different houses powered entirely by solar. The houses were designed by collegiate teams from colleges all over the country.

Jeld-Wen is a manufacturer of energy-efficient doors and windows and was the exclusive provider to one of the solar homes on display at the decathlon. They contacted me to go to the event and create commercial photography of their products in action for their advertising and marketing efforts. They wanted closeup shots of their products as well as attendees interacting with them. I took two camera bodies with me and covered it like a editorial story.


denver commercial photography window handle

Here I wanted to get a closeup photo of the metal hardware on the window that shows my client’s logo as well as show it in the space it is being used. This is one of the photos they chose to put on their company website advertising their involvement with the solar home.


denver commercial photography solar home

This is the solar home my clients products were a part of.


denver commercial photography energy efficient window

The college students who designed the house were giving tours to the public all day so I had to be quick and strategic in getting my shots. This photo is of a window made by my client installed in the bathroom. I took two exposure here so I could keep the blue sky from blowing out and still get an exposure of the indoor elements such as the window frame and wall.


denver commercial photography window handle

This is another closeup photo of my client’s window hardware to show their branding.



denver commercial photography window in kitchen

It was important to capture how my client’s products had been integrated into the solar home. So here the window in the kitchen sits in between bright blue cabinets and a functional sink.


denver commercial photography exterior window

I worked to take advantage of any graphical elements that were available to enhance and frame my client’s products for the photographs.


denver commercial photography door handle

This is a door and handle provided by my client. This photo shows their product in relation to attendees of the solar event.


denver commercial photography bedroom window

This image also required two exposures to keep the exterior from blowing out.


denver commercial photography of solar home with care in foreground

denver commercial photography living room windows

It’s always a good idea to get a range of shots from closeups to wide shots. Here, my client’s sliding glass doorway is show in the space of the solar home’s living area.



denver commercial photography window with bike against it


denver commercial photography door and door handle

These two images are additional examples of how I like to use graphic elements and objects to help enhance the story of my client’s window and door products.


denver commercial photography window sill


denver commercial photography door handle

I love the soft, warm shadow on the left created by the door handle. It helps give the image interest along with the gentleman walking in the background.


denver commercial photography thermometer

This is a thermostat or some sort of temperature control device also made by my client. I don’t do dutch angles very often (often I think they are way overdone) but here it felt like a good choice to give this photo a little more dynamism.


denver commercial photography window lock

denver commercial photography window lock with solar flare

This is my favorite photo of the shoot. Hard to go wrong with sun flares if you can get them.

denver commercial photography alternative window lock



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