Editorial Magazine Photography of Denver Doctor

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Denver’s own Jack Edigner, PhD, is being honored for his service discerning insomnia’s nature, classification, and management. So Sleep Review, ┬áthe journal of sleep specialists hired me last week to create editorial photography and an editorial portrait of the researcher for their magazine.

Dr. Edinger works out of National Jewish Health, located off Colorado Blvd just east of downtown Denver. As is typically the case with doctors, Dr. Edigner had a busy schedule they day I was assigned to photograph him. Even so, the magazine’s editors sent me a long wish list of shots to complete within two hours. Yikes. Oh, and the shots were scattered at locations across the entirety of the campus. If you’ve ever been to National Jewish Health, you know how long a walk it can between one end and the other.

Needless to say, I needed to in lean so I could move quickly. Fortunately, I had acquired some battery-powered LED lights just last month. You’d be amazed how much time can be wasted just searching around for outlets to plug into! With my new battery-powered lights I just plant the light, turn it on, and I’m in business. So I brought two of those, one for each hand to carry while I sling my camera over my shoulder. This turned out to be a life saver and I got all the shots done from the shot list just under the wire. Oh, and I made sure to take green gel with me, too, to balance my lights with the green cast of the health center’s overhead lights.

One note here: Even thought I am a photographer, I also work just about as much as a director. Since the magazine’s editors had very specific shots they wanted for their story, such as the doctor working with patients and colleagues, this meant I needed to set up and stage scenes so I could get these shots in a timely manner. Waiting around until the scenarios they wanted might happen is not practical. So it helps to have a nice set of directing skills in my quiver for these types of shoots as well.

I couldn’t rely on LED lights for the portrait, however. I knew I’d be shooting either outdoors or with windows in the photo so I needed to also come with strobe lights that offered more power than LEDs so I could compete with daylight. The first photo below is what was chosen as the portrait for the cover photo. Usually I like to include a second light for an edge on the subject, but with time short I had to focus only on the essentials.

The final story was published in their May 2018 issue. You can see it online here. For the top photo they somehow turned the doctor purple! (the same image appears at the bottom of the story as a cover image for the video. There the colors appear as I sent it to them). As is the case with my editorial clients, I send them .tiff files in the AdobeRGB color space, which is the preferred color space for print publications. The Web uses a smaller color space called sRGB. This means the photos need to be properly converted to sRGB prior to publication on the Web, otherwise you will get some very funky colors!


Editorial photography tearsheet sleep journal

sleep doctor sits on patient bed

sleep researcher converses with patient

sleep researcher works with colleague

 sleep researcher published story in foreground

sleep researcher on the phone

sleep researcher on phone in his office

 sleep researcher researching sleep journal

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