Editorial Portrait of Denver Executive for Citywire Magazine

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Citywire reached out to me this month to create editorial portraits for their magazine. Citywire is based in Europe and is a service that provides news and insights to financial advisors and investors around the world. They publish a biweekly magazine exclusively for analysts and researchers in the United States.

For an upcoming issue, they are featuring a story on Dave Welling, the CEO of Mercer Advisors. Mercer Advisors ┬árecently relocated their headquarters from Los Angeles to Denver. They are still working on securing an office space. Meanwhile, they have set up shop at one of Denver’s numerous WeWork locations.

Typically, portraits like this are done at the office of the individual being profiled. But since Mercer didn’t have an office we needed to find alternatives. The client had suggested outside, but that presents all kinds of potential problems and additional gear for lighting. They didn’t have the budget for me to bring an assistant (which is necessary for outdoor portraits with lighting equipment involved), so that made outdoors a no go.

I suggested shooting inside WeWork. I’ve been in several WeWork locations and they usually have a fairly large lobby area with pleasing decor. My contact at Mercer talked with WeWork and was able to get us permission to shoot in the lobby area.

Now for the actual photography: Citywire hadn’t yet written the story on Mr. Welling. This meant they had no editorial information to provide me as far as a theme or angle that I could use to generate editorial ideas for the portrait. So instead I worked to provide them with a number of different looks that I set up using different areas of the lobby. Below are a few of my favorites.


finance executive poses in blue suit inside Tabor Center lobby of Denver's WeWork

denver finance executive poses in lobby of WeWork for editorial portrait

portrait of denver finance executive in front of glass windows while sitting at a table

Denver finance executive poses for a portrait next to a bank of windows in a sky rise

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