Headshots for Golden Cosmetic Surgeons

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery located in Golden, a suburb west of Denver, is launching a new, revamped website. They wanted updated headshot photos of their surgeons for the website. The previous headshots had been done seven years ago.

People are often tempted to stay with older headshots because they like looking younger. However, headshot photo styles change over time, so even though you might like see a few less wrinkles than what you might have acquired over the last few years, odds are your headshot photo looks dated, which makes you look dated. Better to have a modern headshot that looks contemporary. Besides, undesirable wrinkles can always be … mitigated, shall we say, in Photoshop.

So kudos to surgeons at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery for being on top of updating their look no matter how much it might hurt their egos.

When I arrived I set up in their generously-sized waiting area. I typically prefer to be in a private area with doors I can shut because nobody likes being watched or observed while they are getting their headshot taken and it shows in the results. But The Center wanted me on site before they opened to the public for the day. So I had the space to myself for a couple hours.

The surgeons wanted three different headshot looks. One traditional with jacket and tie. Another with a scrub shirt on. And a third with a scrub shirt and a scrub cap. The traditional-look headshots are now on their new website located at the bottom of the page as well as each surgeon’s individual bio page.


cosmetic surgeon with red tie in headshot

plastic surgeon with glasses in headshot

cosmetic surgeon with blue tie in headshot

cosmetic surgeon with polka dot scrub hat in headshot

cosmetic surgeon with plaid scrub hat in headshot

cosmetic surgeon with blue scrub hat in headshot

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