Headshots for Inboxlab

By Douglas Gritz

Denver Photographer

Sometimes it’s not just your work that attracts your clients, it’s also your approach and attitude. That was the case with Inboxlab, an email software company based in Denver that hired me this week to create headshots of their staff. When I asked my client after the shoot why, out of curiosity, she had chosen me, she said it was because I seemed like the most professional and experienced of everyone she looked at.

Photographing her staff happened to be one of the more fun experiences I’ve had creating headshots, for a couple reasons.

First, in addition to the headshot, they wanted a second, “goofy” shot. One the website when someone would move their cursor over the headshot picture, it would switch to the goofy shot.

Second, there staff was comprised of almost all young people. In my experience, I have found young adults much easier to work with than middle age or older adults. Why? Generally I have found that younger people seem to have more fun with the process and are more open to trying things during the headshot session.

Inboxlab is a fairly new company that is quickly expanding (in fact, they had an interview schedule while I was there and several of the headshot sessions were with people who had been hired in the past couple of weeks). And they don’t yet have a permanent office. For the time-being, they are set up in one of Denver’s many WeWork locations. They were able to book a small conference room where I could set up and photograph their staff.

Below are the headshots with their “goofy” counterparts. Most people who came in did not have a premeditated idea for their “goofy” shot so I helped each person come up with some ideas. The first is my favorite.

young man with curly long brown hair and glasses

man with curly hair pulled in front of his face and glasses over top like cousin It


young woman with long brown hair and black shirt

woman hold oranges over her eyes with mouth agape


young man with scruff, brown hair and plaid shirt

man holds open shirt revealing his chest hair


young woman with light blonde hair and skin

young woman with plant in front of her face


man with beard and floral shirt

man with floral shirt stand backward with clothes on backward


man with blue eyes and dark denim shirt

man with blue eyes and dark denim shirt hold glasses in thinking position


woman with grey hair and dark glasses and silver chain around her neck

woman throws her fist in the air


man with tall hair and green collared shirt

man with mirrored sunglasses and black shawl around his head


young woman with long brown hair

young woman holds dog on her shoulder


young man with grey suit

young man wears his glasses upside down


young woman with long brown hair and camel colored sweater

young woman hold a lighted statue of peace sign


young man with brown hair and blue collared shirt

young man gives the "zoolander" look


young woman with nose ring and members only jacket

young woman does cross-eyed look


young man with red hair and eyebrow piercing

young man wrinkles his forehead





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